You tried your very best, but Somehow it was not enough In those minutes, those hours When you had your chance to shine, It falls apart, it comes to pieces And dreams now hang, on the line.   All that time spent chasing stars, Eyes set on the future you Abandoned the present and Now,... Continue Reading →


In this anxious place This hopeless space The mind spirals away Trapped in thought   Bars caging her heart She’s unable to start Inner voices pursuing Until she’s caught   The shadows whirl Too strong for a girl To resist the touch Of her mocking plight   And in silence she sits Her eyes desperate... Continue Reading →

The Dancer

As dew drops sparkle On grass so green And sunlight filters Through youthful trees   You’ll spot her whirling An ethereal mist Her presence splintered into A thousand golden rays   Music is playing But it’s not to be heard A silent song rising From slender lithe limbs   And her heart lies open Exposed... Continue Reading →

The Poet

Words, rippling forth, from unknown edges of the innermost, mysterious mind.   Rushing onward, as they grow in strength, they whisper and sigh, tantalisingly.   Murmuring, they seek attention like a lover’s demand, gentle yet compelling.   And stronger still, they take shape, take a beautiful form in this tangible world.   Words, holding her... Continue Reading →

Capturing Perfection, Chapter 4

The fourth and final instalment of the short story. * * * Never have I worked so hard on a painting. Never. This had to be perfect because Lorenzo was perfect, and to picture him anything but was a travesty and a sin.   I ordered new brushes, tiny ones made from a few threads of... Continue Reading →


Can you please just go away It’s clear I’m in a mood I don’t want you here right now Just leave, and let me brood   When storm clouds roll in You don’t stand there in the rain As you leave then, for dryer turf Please go: it’s not your pain   Leave and let... Continue Reading →

Winter Roses

Then came violent winds, tearing away the delicate petals of innocent roses, precious limbs torn from their body.   You stare speechless at the sight that remains, at the thorny echo of beauty, hollow shell of ravished time.   Nothing but a prickly stem is left to tell, a forgotten story of hopeless love, abandoned... Continue Reading →

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